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* Dancing Bear Quilt by:
Judy Zehner & Kim Mosher, Quilted Legends,
Steamboat Springs, Colorado

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Quilt Retreat
Featured Instructor

Judy Zehner & Kim Mosher
Quilted Legends
Steamboat Springs

The mother-daughter team of Judy Zehner and Kim Mosher specialize in original designs of the natural world of the American West, including Native American designs. They call attention to humankind's connection to the earth and its inhabitants - four-footed, furred, feathered and finned. Their designs embody beauty, strength, symbolism and spirituality. Their "counted patchwork" process, easy piecing techniques and relaxed teaching style have won many friends. They were instructors at the 2004 Quilt Retreat. The two have had the good fortune to spend their lives in rural Colorado with farm animals to nurture and wild creatures to admire.
Zehner & Mosher

Create a Legend
Judy Zehner & Kim Mosher

Sat., 3/25, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Choose a design from their Legends of the West or Legends patterns. Workshop covers fabric choices, special techniques, piecing tips, creative suggestions using designs from nature and Native American petroglyphs. Pattern purchase required.

Quarter-sizing a Legend
Judy Zehner & Kim Mosher

Sun., 3/26, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Don't have room for a full-sized wall quilt? Make a quarter-size legend! Kim shows you how to duplicate their larger patterns in small sizes.  Pattern purchase required.